Our dentists utilize the innovative Spectra caries detection system to diagnose tooth decay in the earliest stages of development. This allows us to provide treatment quickly to restore your smile, and to avoid the more painful, invasive and expensive treatments needed for larger cavities. We invite you to contact Hartford Family Dental Care at 269-621-6441 to learn more about Spectra caries detection in Hartford, Michigan, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ed Liebenthal or Dr. Seth Griffin.

The Spectra caries detection system is completely non-invasive and utilizes fluorescence technology to visualize and diagnose cavities in the earliest stages of development. This technology works similar to a Doppler radar, pinpointing problems in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go undetected by X-rays or visual examination. Spectra technology can even detect decay hidden between the margins of existing dental fillings!

When we check your mouth for tooth decay, our dentists will simply pass the handheld detector over your teeth. The captured images will then be projected onto a nearby screen where we can view the condition of your teeth and any cavities or developing decay in detail. This process is entirely non-invasive and comfortable.

For more information about Spectra caries detection and to set up an appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today.